ATTENTION: If you are experiencing trouble viewing the content in the body of the FAQ Web Pages, please follow the instructions below.

1. Click the "Compatibility View" icon, as shown in the below screenshot, in your Internet Explorer Address Bar. You will be prompted that the website is running in "Compatibility View"



Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Web Browsers are not supported by Source Medical at this time.


Windows XP is not supported.


Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 users click the following link:




MAC OSx users click HERE for downloads. (MAC OSx not supported in Vision Environment at this time)


iPad and Android Device users click HERE. (iPad and Android Devices not supported in the Vision Environment at this time)


For those users needing Screwdrivers 6.4.1. please click HERE to download and install.


Open a PDF version of this web page click HERE.




IMPORTANT - Please note the Receiver cleanup utility is not required and not recommended while upgrading to the Receiver for Windows 4.4. Receiver for Windows 4.4 can upgrade from any older version of Receiver without the need of using the clean up utility.

Please make sure UAC is set to "Never Notify" by opening the Control Panel, click the User Accounts icon, and click the "Change User Account Control Settings" link and slide the bar down to "Never Notify" as shown below.


1. OnDemand ClientPack Download Instructions

Create a new folder on your local C: drive and name it SourceMedCitrix. Please download and save your "" and all other client software related to Source Medical into this folder. Unzip the contents by right clicking the file and select "Extract All". The OnDemandClientPack zip file will contain the following three files:

CitrixReceiver44.exe,, 32bit ScrewDrivers Client v4.8.03.msi, and 64bit ScrewDrivers Client v4.8.03.msi

Once unzipped, proceed by following the below instructions

2. Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.4 Installation Instructions

A. Right click the CitrixReceiver44.exe file, that was unzipped in the previous step, and select "Run as Administrator. Acknowledge any security messages and click install on Citrix Receiver Welcome window as shown below.

B. Click Start

C. Click Next.

D. Uncheck "Enable single sign-on and click Next

E. Select "No, Thanks" and click Install. The installation will begin.

F. Click Finish

After clicking finish you may notice the Citrix Receiver icon in the system tray (grey circle with white curved lines) as shown in the below screenshot. You may have to click the "up arrow" to expand system tray icons.

G. Double click the file that was unzipped in Step 1 and wait for the below message to be presented and click Add.

H. After clicking Add, wait to be presented with the below login window and enter your username and password and click Log On.

I. After authenticating, the connection to your applications will begin and you will be presented with a window as shown below. Click the "+" symbol to add your Source Medical applications to the Favorites Windows.

J. Click the All Apps link or the listed folder to view the applications you would like to add to your Favorites Window.

K. Once the Source Medical icons are moved to the Favorites Window, you can now click the icon to launch the published application. Remember to follow the ScrewDriver installation instructions before launching your applications.

H. To remove icons from your Favorites Window, simply hover over the top right corner of the icon you would like to remove and click the "x" as shown below.

I. IMPORTANT - Please access your Source Medical Applications from a web browser by browsing to You will be provided with some additional password change options. The Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Web Browser are not supported by Souce Medical at this time.

When applications are accessed from a web browser using, you will be directed to the secure page as shown below.


3. Tricerat ScrewDrivers v4.8.03 Installation Instructions

A. After uninstalling the previous version of ScrewDrivers, double click the 32bit ScrewDrivers Client v4.msi file or 64bit ScrewDrivers Client v4.msi that was unzipped in Step 1 and click Next on the Welcome window as shown below.

B. Click Next to contine.

C. Choose the setup type "Complete" and click Next.

D. Click Install.

E. Click Finish. Install is now complete.

F.  After the installation of the Screwdrivers Client is complete, please open the Control Panel and search for ScrewDrivers Client v4. Open the ScrewDrivers Client v4 software and click the “Printers” tab and add those printers from the Available Printers area to the Preferred Printers area that you will use while logged into your Citrix applications. All other printers, please add to the Denied Printers area. Click Apply and OK to save changes. See screenshot below.


After installing the Citrix Receiver and Screwdrivers client, open the control panel, double click the ScrewDrivers Client v4 icon, and set the option in the Screwdrivers client as shown in the screenshot below before installing the RemoteScan client.

4. RemoteScan Installation Instructions

Please Note: You will need to log into the website to download the RemoteScan executable associated with your Company.

A. Click "Run" to begin the installation process.

B. Keep the default option and click "Next".

C. Click "Next".

D. Select "I agree to the terms..." and click "Next".

E. Click "Next".

F. Select the "Install the Server Software" option and click "Next".

G. Select the "Update your Citrix Client to allow scanning" option and click "Next".

H. Click "Next".

I. Place a check mark in the box, as shown in the screenshot below, and click "Next".

J. Place a check mark in the box, as shown in the screenshot below, and click "Next".

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you have no open connections to Citrix or Terminal Services

K.Click "Install" to begin the installation process.

L. Click Finish

M. You will notice a scanner icon in your system tray as shown in the screenshot below.

N. Right click the scanner icon and select "Register".

O. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT select a Wireless Adapter as shown in the screenshot below in the higlighted area. Make sure the device has a direct connection through an ethernet cable before registering this product. Next, click the "Register/Get Unlock Key from Web" button. The "Unlock Key" field will be populated with a registeration key. Click "Save" to complete the registration process.

The drive letter mapped for all ASP scan document file storage is Z:\





















































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